“Anna Bon” – La virtuosa di Venezia: La Donna Musicale, (classical natural horn)

“Stories”, JCA (Jazz Composers Alliance) Orchestra, Cadence Jazz Records,  2013

“A Wallflower in the Amazon”, JCA Orchestra, Accurate Records, AC-5059, 2010

“The Same Thing”, JCA Orchestra, Cadence Jazz Records, CJR 1205, 2008.
Music of Darrel Katz.

“Telemann and Bodinus Quartetes”, Musicians of the Old Post Road, Meridian Records, CDE 84523, 2004.
Chamber music of G.P. Telemann and S. Bodinus on Baroque Instruments (natural horn).

“Celebration of the Spirit”, JCA Orchestra, Creative Improvised Music Projects, CIMP 298, 2003.
Music of L. Andel, D. Harris, D. Katz, W. Senders and K. Schaphorst.

“In, Through and Out”, JCA Orchestra, Cadence Jazz Records, CJR 1153, 2001.
Music of L. Andel, D. Harris, D. Katz and W. Senders.

“Handel: Fireworks”, Ama Deus Ensemble, Baroque Instrument Orchestra, Helicon Records, Ltd. HE 1016, 1997.
Music for the Royal Fireworks, Water Music Suite II in D Major by G. F. Handel. On historical instruments (natural horns).

“The Virtuoso Bass”, Musicians of The Old Post Road, Titantic Records, Ti-219, 1993. Music of J. Haydn, J. Mannl, J. M. Sperger, and J. B. Vanhal      on Historical Instruments (natural horn).

“Como Areia”, Diana Piqueno, Vocalist, RCA Brazil, recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, 1984.